Our Story

The Heart and Hoof story begins with a woman, Nancy Hicks (affectionately known as Maggie) living alone on a small horse farm in Grantville, Pa. Nancy was a retired local school teacher who had owned and raced horses most of her adult life. Her husband had passed away a number of years ago and now it was just her and one of her favorite race horses, Binky, left at the farm.

Meet Our Guests

Check in on the animals who call Heart and Hoof their home. Read their stories and learn how they came to us. Each of our friends has a unique tale to tell.

Rama Mama

Make a Donation

Providing our guests with a great place to live requires a lot of resources. Our sactuary depends on donations to ensure that everyone is happy, healthy and well-fed. Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today. Our friends thank you in advance!