Friends of the Farm

Heart and Hoof would not exist without the help of many friends. These people are a diverse group who are bonded by the love of these animals and the dedication to work to see that they are cared for properly. Below are just a few of the friends who work to make Heart and Hoof a place our guests can feel safe, loved, and call home.

 Josh (Dutch) and Julie Wise and their children Zachary, Brie and Riley

Josh (Dutch) and Julie Wise and their children Zachary, Brie and Riley

Dutch is a high school math teacher by day but in the evenings, on the weekends, and all summer, he has been doing extensive design, construction, and remodeling at Heart and Hoof, with the help of Julie, for the last two years. The work they have done is simply incredible. We can not thank them enough. Zach, Brie, and Riley are mostly in charge of hay management (as pictured) and in charge of horse petting, feeding horses carrots, and occasionally chasing chickens.

Wise Children

Nicole Smith

Dr. Nikki is a veterinarian at the Horseshoe Valley Equine Center and the official Heart and Hoof vet. Many of the animals were in poor health or injured prior to their arrival and Dr. Nikki has done a wonderful job treating them. Though a large animal vet, she also tends to the minis and the donkeys and has been known to help with a barn cat when needed. Dr. Nikki is the one who originally rescued Barney the Barn Cat – who since has risen to the position of head of barn security.

Steve and Sherry Levengood

Steve and Sherry are owners of a large farm near H&H as well as owners of the Flying L Horse Company.  They were friends of the farm long before H&H came along, helping Maggie and Ella (who used to train race horses for Steve and Sherry) with anything requiring large equipment or heavy lifting. Steve and Sherry continue to provide invaluable support to H&H providing our hay, plowing snow, pushing large manure piles, or anything else asked of them.  Steve and Sherry are also life long equine experts and often provide us with invaluable advice on how to manage the animals and the farm.  If you ever run into Sherry, ask her about the time her son rode his horse right into the kitchen at their farm.

Lance VanderHeyden

Lance VanderHeyden

Lance is a race horse trainer and owner. He stops by H&H to help out on a daily basis.

Marge Slycz

Marge is an old friend of Ella’s. She was a professional jockey for years and now owns a horse transport company. Used to transporting large racehorses up and down the east coast, she looks at the minis and donkeys and shrugs and says, “No problem”.