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AVG PC TuneUP  15.0   Download Now  

    AVG PC TuneUP (formerly TuneUp Utilities) optimizes the performance of your computer, corrects problems and helps you to customize your system to suit your needs. It combines important aspects of system configuration, security, cleaning and maintenance under a modern interface. You can remove unnecessary files from your hard disk(s), clean and optimize the registry, tweak your internet connection settings, recover deleted files, optimize memory and more.
   In addition, you can analyze your system, receive automatic suggestions for potential performance improvements and view detailed hardware information. AVG PC TuneUP also includes an Uninstaller, Registry Editor, Task Manager and even an Undelete tool to recover files that have been deleted from the recycle bin.

Completely redesigned interface
Corrects up to 400% more errors
Configures and optimizes Mozilla Firefox
Customize icons, the window style and the boot and welcome screens under Windows XP
Automatically scans your system for settings that might be slowing it down and corrects them
Lets you take control of the system start process
Lets you control the look and feel of the Windows interface
Deletes sensitive data permanently
Removes unneeded ballast from your disks
Defragments the Windows registry
Restores accidentally deleted files
Speeds up your Internet connection
Frees up system memory (RAM)

Make Windows look and run the way you want it to
TuneUp System Control allows you to easily customize the operating system to suit your needs. You can turn off annoying optical effects, secure your system or add useful functions to Internet Explorer.

With TuneUp Styler, you can give Windows your own personal note by replacing icons or even by redesigning the entire interface, welcome screen and boot screen under Windows XP.
Repair problems and remove unnecessary clutter
A lot of unrequired garbage collects on your hard disk during normal usage. TuneUp Disk Cleaner scans your hard disk for these unnecessary files and removes them.

Another useful tool is TuneUp Registry Cleaner, which finds and solves problems caused by invalid entries, references and links in the Windows registry.

Programs that you don't use anymore can be comfortably removed with TuneUp Uninstall Manager.
Optimize the performance of your computer
With the new 1-Click Maintenance, frequent maintenance tasks such as cleaning the hard disk and the registry can be completed with a single mouse click or even automatically on a scheduled basis.

TuneUp System Optimizer optimizes your system and internet settings and provides you with valuable information on how to improve your computer's configuration. TuneUp Mem Optimizer monitors your system in the background and optimizes your memory when necessary.
Keep Windows under your control
TuneUp Process Manager and TuneUp Registry Editor offer improved functions when administering your system in comparison to Windows' built-in tools.

With TuneUp StartUp Manager you can choose which programs should be launched during boot-up and user logon.

TuneUp System Information provides extensive information about your computer's hardware and software.
Recover important files and protect your privacy
With TuneUp Undelete you can recover accidentally deleted files even if they cannot be found in the Windows recycle bin. This often allows you to recover your precious work.

TuneUp Shredder on the other hand uses an algorithm developed by the US Department of Defense to securely delete your files and to make them unrecoverable even by professional file recovery companies.

Author: TuneUp Software
Platform: Windows All
File Size: 88715 kb
License: Shareware, $49.95 to buy
Last Updated: Nov 24, 2014

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